Sustainable Oil Recovery is an Australian-owned company. Our recyclable, reusable, repurposable, unsinkable, high-performance sponge® material closes the loop on waste and offers a sustainable oil recovery solution to meet your needs - small and large. Aside from our Marina, Stormwater and Oceanic Solutions our product range includes:

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Bilge Sock


The Sucoil Bilge Sock is a cost-effective way to recover oil leaked in your boat from the engine, gearbox or steering systems. It is perfect to mop up oil and fuel spills which may be floating on water in bilges or oil interceptor pits. Each sock has a capacity of recovering 0.75 litres of oil and can be reused more than 10 times, meaning you can recover 7.5+ litres of oil in the lifetime of the product.

Spill Kits


Spill Kits are essential for any Australian workplace that
handles or stores hazardous liquids including oil and fuel and anything else that could contaminate a work site and prove hazardous to humans or environmental health. Our spill kits assist your company in meeting its duty of care requirements to your staff. Our solutions are recyclable and fully customisable to meet your oil remediation needs, assuring your environmental compliance.


Land Kits
30 Litre / 70 Litre / 120 Litre / 240 Litre / 360 Litre

Marine Kits
30 Litre / 70 Litre / 120 Litre / 240 Litre / 360 Litre / 660 Litre /1990 Litre


Containment Booms


SOR manufactures a range of containment booms, oil-absorbing booms and silt/nutrient curtains to assist you in managing spills of any size. Ranging from three metres to 30 metres, we can also custom-make booms and curtains to meet your requirements. Our containment booms are safe, quick and efficient to operate.

100mm Hand Sponge - 3 pack


The Sucoil hand sponges are unlike others and are reusable many times over. They are great for use in the kitchen, workshops, boats and anywhere there is a small oil spill.

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